Launching Silver

Dear Lovers of Lunacy, 

Your patience and loyalty are about to be rewarded.

Our Chief Alchemist is proud to announce that Batch No.1 of Lunatic and Lover Silver Botanical Rum is sufficiently rested and is now available exclusively for our LOL Club members through our website.


As one of our Lovers of Lunacy, you can click the personalised link below and order a bottle (or two) of this fine elixir. Batch No.01 is strictly limited to 100 bottles so we recommend you don't dilly dally as we'd hate for you to miss out.

With winter solstice approaching, it's the perfect time to pause and reflect on surviving the darkness of the past few months and to look forward and celebrate the coming of the lighter days; and of the birth of New Zealand’s first botanical rum. 

All orders of Batch No.01 will arrive in time for the winter solstice on Sunday 21st June. Next week we will be sharing with you how to best serve and enjoy Lunatic and Lover Silver on this special day.


Shipping within New Zealand is included within the purchase price, but we regret we are unable to take international orders at this time.

Yours truly
Lunatic & Lover